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Summer is officially back in Colorado! On the weekends, that may mean camping, theme parks, and other fun-in-the-sun activities. Here at Gourmet to Go, that means it’s time once again for our new quarterly menu!

No Summer menu would be complete without the Suite Summertime, upgraded to be better than ever this year. Bringing the traditional summer picnic into the 21st century, the Suite Summertime now comes with mouthwatering barbecue beef, succulent pulled pork, and juicy chicken breasts with soft slider buns. Rounding out the picnic-style dishes are our classic American potato salad, sweet watermelon, and dainty cream puffs with fresh strawberries and a decadent chocolate drizzle. The Suite Summertime is sure to be a hit for your next big event.

For an upscale taste of those summer nights spent grilling in the yard, our Summer Risotto features grilled zucchini and corn, as well as roasted tomatoes tossed in an Arborio rice risotto. Sharp parmesan, tart lemon, crisp white wine, and fresh thyme round out the flavors in the entree, while Caesar salad, rolls, and desserts come on the side for a complete meal. If you’re looking to make this already hearty meal even heartier, consider adding chicken on the side for your guests to mix in, or enjoy separately, as they prefer.

Our SensAsian buffet is an Asian Summer sensation! Sweet chili glazed chicken breasts and salmon fillets are paired together and served atop fluffy rice, with extra sweet chili sauce on the side. Don’t let the word “chili” scare you though, this sauce is definitely more sweet than spicy, and sure to please even the most tender-tongued among your guests. Paired with our Asian tossed salad with rice wine vinaigrette and crispy wonton strips, bisto rolls and butter, and assorted desserts, this will be an Asian-fusion feast!

We have a new Streetside Edition of our Cactus Club for Summer as well! Our classic build-your-own taco bar gets a twist in this new Streetside Edition. Roasted, shredded chicken and seasoned ground beef comes with fajita-style veggies, shredded cabbage, cilantro crema, fresh pico de gallo, and a mix of hard and soft taco shells. Everyone in your group can make their own, perfect taco to enjoy, and then pair it with our fresh cut fruit salad and addicting sweet cinnamon crisps. For even more build-your-own options, guacamole and refried beans can be added on as well!

And finally, our Sonoma Chicken buffet, looking like a gorgeous Colorado Summer sunset, is an artful mix of rich sun-dried tomato cream sauce and fresh basil, spooned over juicy chicken breasts, and served atop atop perfect al dente fettuccine. The richness of the Sonoma is balanced with the bright, summery flavor of our Strawberry Field Greens salad on the side, as well as rolls and desserts for an al fresco dinning experience right in the office.

For the full details on these Summer specials, as well as our sandwich and salad specials, check out all of our current options here!



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