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This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend (which really just means that Monday is Labor Day and therefore most of the business community gets a three day weekend). For many people – especially here in Colorado – that means getting in one last camping trip, one last big summer cookout, or one last festival or fair. And while that’s not all it means, those things are all important parts of this holiday, because that’s exactly what Labor Day is – a holiday.

The history of Labor Day is one of violence and brutality. It is rooted in strikes and protests, marches and riots, all centered on the unsafe working conditions that the average American citizen – both child and adult – was forced to labor under in order to survive day-to-day. So with a history like that, why do we celebrate it with barbeques and parties instead of solemn memorials? Because the ability to do those things is exactly what people were fighting for.

Modern science has study after study after study that tells us that a better rested and happier employee is a more productive employee. In other words, that which benefits the employee also benefits the employer. So whether you’re a file clerk, or a CEO, get out there, enjoy a long, relaxing weekend, and come back pumped up, refreshed, and ready to dive back into work next Tuesday. I know we here at Gourmet to Go are planning to do exactly that, and we can’t wait to see everyone on the other side!

Looking for things to do this Labor Day? Why not head on over to’s list of things going on this weekend!


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