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SHOT 4/1/15 12:20:12 PM - Gourmet To Go catered lunch at the Downtown Denver Partnership offices in downtown Denver, Co. (Photo by Marc Piscotty / © 2015)

Gourmet To Go catered lunch at the Downtown Denver Partnership offices

(Photo by Marc Piscotty / © 2015)

As everyone knows, a happy employee is a productive employee. According to the Denver Business Journal, businesses that offer free food and snacks to their employees have demonstratively higher rates of employee happiness.

    • Out of a survey of over 1000 full time employees in the US, just over half (56%) of employees are happy or very happy at their jobs.
    • This number increases to 67% at companies that provide their employees with free snacks.
    • Whether or not a company offers its employees food is a factor in accepting a job for 66% of employees aged 18-34

Several Denver area companies clearly agree. From coffee to bagels to fully stocked kitchens, treating your employees to a snack or a meal is a guaranteed boost to morale, and frequently more time efficient as well. With food already on site, your employees don’t have to get stressed out running around, or use up half their valuable break time just traveling to and from a restaurant.

Not every company has the space (or budget) for a fully stocked kitchen though. Consider offering your employees a standing “lunch date” and bring in lunch once a week. Your employees will appreciate something to look forward to every week, and you’ll appreciate the increased productivity!

The full Denver Business Journal article can be found here.
Study performed by Illinois based grocery delivery company Peapod.


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