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We all know that your team in the office performs better when they’re eating the right foods; after all, good nutrition is one of the primary keys to mental acuity. But what about your favorite sports team? Plenty of fans have superstitions and rituals they insist upon because they’re convinced that their team does better when they do certain things, and a lot of those superstitions revolve around food. But is there any evidence to support these beliefs?

With Game 7 of the World Series last night, food delivery website Grubhub decided to see just how much of a relationship there was between when a team wins and what their fans are eating. And the results bore some surprising results. You’d think wins would be more likely to be associated with things like hot dogs, nachos, and wings; but it turns out the Cubs won more often when their fans ordered a particular cut of yellowfish, and the Indians won more when their fans ordered certain kinds of sushi.

But what about the Broncos? The Rockies? The Nuggets? The research doesn’t currently say, so it’ll just have to be up to each of us to figure out what works best through trial and error. But since seafood seems to work well for both the Cubs and the Indians, might I suggest the Sassy n’ Sweet Chicken and Salmon as a starting point?

The full article can be found on FoodBeast, here.


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