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Farmer’s Market Season is Upon Us!

Summer’s in full swing and weekends in Denver are full of sunshine and every possible outdoorsy, summery activity that you could want. There’s kayaking, canoeing, rafting, tubing, hiking, climbing, swimming, and fishing. There’s Elitch Garden’s...

Paleo Vs. Keto

Our culture is constantly inundated with diet fads and trends. And whenever a new one comes along, it seems as though everyone swears by it and it’ll be around forever… at least until the next one comes along to replace it. One common trend many of these...

Spring Menu Spotlight!

Our new Spring Menu 2018 has been released, with plenty of new delights to try, and old classics to fall back on. And for an option that’s a little bit of both, what better way to swing into Spring than by treating your guests to an annual GTG favorite: the...

The Great Thanksgiving Debate

We all debate about Thanksgiving. We debate about when Black Friday should start. We debate about whether the proper follow up to the big meal should be football or a nap. We even inevitably end up in the dreaded political debate that seemingly can’t be avoided...

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