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Labor Day

Hi Gourmet to Go friends and family! As a reminder, we will be closing for the Labor Day holiday weekend at 3:00 pm on Friday August 31st, and will remain closed through Labor Day; Monday, September 3rd. We hope all of you have a fun and safe long weekend, enjoying...

Are Nitrates really NO-trates?

There seems to be a never-ending string of new dangers associated with nitrates. From research showing that nitrates in the body can lead to cancer, to warnings for pregnant women to avoid the nitrates in cured meats, to studies linking nitrates to alzhimers,...

The History of Palisade Peaches

If you live in Colorado, there’s no one who isn’t aware of – and takes pride in – the famous Palisade Peaches that are grown in our home state. Known for a sweetness and juiciness that’s unparalleled, many of us even know that, according...

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